Me? Contentious?

Posted by George on May 27, 2004

Never! (Well, there was that once...) Actually, a year ago, I did have strong feelings about going nail-less, but I don't now. Must've been one of them 365 day things or sumthin. And I honestly can't tell you why I didn't want nails. Maybe I was afraid of missing and dinging the deck. I like the look of 'all wood', and think that was probably the main reason. I also didn't want holes in the hull, and so went with studs epoxied to the inside hull. Was I happy going nail-less? You bet - until I saw those gaps. That really ticked me off. I'd been so careful up to that point. I mean, two weeks? Give me a break. I spent more than two weeks just thinking about that 'next step'. I didn't have a moaning chair, I had a barcalounger, for cryin' out loud!

Anyway, I'm better now. I dookied up the gaps, and as far as I can tell, it turned out just fine. Do I like the 'look' of no nails better than 'with'? Maybe, just a little. I'm handicapped a bit by the fact there are only two wooden kayaks (or any kayaks, for that matter) in this neck of the woods. The other belongs to Gene in Gann Valley; he built a Chessie 17, with nails, and did a wonderful job. Would I go nail-less again? Probably. I think I know how to do it right, this time..... and I just gotta know.

In Response to: Waitaminnit... by Kurt Maurer on May 26, 2004