Re: Butt Joins

Posted by Mike Morse on May 25, 2004

I just finished a C-14. I used used butt joints taped on one side, built the . I only taped one side (indide) in order to wire the hull into shape with minimal distortion. (I read a note by another builder that he used two layers of tape on each side then sanded almost all of it off because it was two stiff.)

Wire & tape the hull then reinforce joint on the inside to your hearts desire. extra tape, backing, etc. I taped both sides before the 6oz glass went on. The joint is barely noticable on the bottom and I am not worried about getting wet because of a joint failure.

I am no engineer but I cannot imangine a butt joint that is taped, and covered with 6 oz cloth inside & out would ever fail.

Good luck..

In Response to: Re: Butt Joins by Chip Veres on May 25, 2004