Re: epoxy Outgassing

Posted by Mac on May 25, 2004

Outgassing is powerful! (And I don't mean the kind I usually do - that's DEADLY!)

I was making a little name plate for my boat out of the left over decking which was cut out for hatch openings. This had 2oz fiberglass, 3 coats of epoxy and four coats of varnish - all very well cured. I had to varnish the edges of the plaque and to make it dry quickly, I put it on top of my black pool cover in the direct sun - with a thermometer for fun. Well, it became tack free in about 4 hrs. And had some little tiny bubbles in the OLD finish! 125 degrees on the thermometer.

As soon as Marjolaine goes to work - I'm playin' with the oven with some more scraps.

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