Yare stretch

Posted by Adam Bolonsky on May 24, 2004

I've built a couple of Yares in the past (the Yare was a compound-curve round bottom CLC boat no longer available in blueprints but with a cult following) and now want to build another one, except longer that its limitations, as drawn at either 16'3" or 16'.

Presently the boat is limited to 16' length, 24" of width, mostly due to how its so difficult to find oukume panels bigger than 4x8 in North America. 16' (even 16'3" as the Yare is drawn) s too short for me, whiile 24" is the certainly the limit for me in terms of beam.

So, anyone out there built a Yare longer than 16'? Say 17'?

You can't simply add a factor of "x" to make the boat longer, because doing that across the board will make the Yare ridiculously beamy.

So: any CAD or marine architect types out there have ideas on how to lengthen n the Yare by a foot without widening it? (If you don't somehow stretch the boat in the right way its panels won't stitch up.)

I've always though the Yare is an excellent boat. Fast, high performance, lean, and an amazingly-good follwowing seas surfer.

But I need one that's longer by a foot.

Any ideas?