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Posted by RogerJ on May 24, 2004

Kurt, you've out done yerself ag'in. Real nice write up on the Texas Builders Bash, pictures an all. Ya know the black hull thing goes way back. Mrs. Roger an I toured a replica of Chris' C's Nina. Built by hand, useing 15th century methods. Ok, the tools were prob'ly not 500yrs old, but were the same type. Anyway, back to black, the ship was coated with a mixture of tar and linseed oil. Paint was expensive,not much demand for it, stone houses. Colors used by artists were ground by hand, mostly organic earth tones anyway. So getting up enough to paint a ship about to sail off the edge of the world, low priority. RogerJ PS. edgmacated people knew it wasn't flat. Ptolmy sp tried to calculate the cir. BC.

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