Re: WR 180 Broaching

Posted by Petewp on May 18, 2004

The key to not broach with a WR180 is to sense the moment it just begins to happen then sweep stroke it straight. Or, be careful enough that you dont overpower any given side that would cant the craft at any given angle that could grow into a broach.

The broaching thing shouldnt get too overblown here. If you're talking about waves/chop up to 2', just be careful early on to sense when it may happen. I can tell you that riding these same waves with the 180 bow hanging in free air as the wave accelerates you is a blast - more than worth the corrections - and no kayak is immune to broaching and the attentive need for corrections.

How about a 5' breaking wave?

Dont know- havent tried it, tho I'll bet you better know your stuff no matter what kayak you paddle with water that big.

You know what you're going ot love? Winds, even light winds that send other kayaks weathercocking - with the inherent need then for corrective leans, strokes and or ruddering is basically nill with the WR180. Ive been out in winds up to 25+ knots and its like a loyal freind.

In the end its a matter of how you like your eggs so to speak. It has attributes as much as any sea kayak - its just arranged differently. It by no means is ho hum.


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