Re: Why Ask Why???

Posted by Tim Chase on May 14, 2004

Why removable? - So you can put natural/bright rails over painted sides and still be able to retouch/refinish both in years to come. My rails have already taken some beatings as I am practicing my strokes, fishing etc. I made my rubrails removable by attaching them with bronze screws. It was pretty easy. First I predrilled and countersunk the rails usining a drill press and an index pin to keep the 10" spacing even. I suspended the kayak from the ceiling with straps. The straps helped support the rails until I could tape them in place along the line I had chosen. I then used the holes in the rubrail to locate and drill the holes in the side of the kayak. I removed ther rails and over drilled and filled each hole with epoxy (optional/debatable). Then went through the process again and attached the rails. I used a small amount of 3M 4200 on the tapered ends and to seal each screw. There are some very small gaps but overall I was happy with the result.

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