Re: the use of tape

Posted by Terry Mcadams on May 14, 2004

If you're using 3M fineline plastic tape, I would let the paint cure out in the bright sun for several days before taping, and remove the tape each day. The manufacturer once told me it's not designed for extended use, and should never be exposed to heat or bright sunlight (i.e., have a cool boat in the shade). You may get lucky, but I've had it lift paint and varnish if left on overnight.

Another option, and almost as good, is to use the 3M extended release paper tape. Use a brand new roll, with no dust or nicks on it, and roll the edge with a wallpaper roller prior to painting. I've yet to get lifting with this tape and I get an edge sharp enough for all but the most pathological nit-pickers.


In Response to: the use of tape by joe on May 13, 2004