Re: Bristol Finish

Posted by Mac on May 14, 2004


The 2 part paint I used had pretty much the same abilities re speed between coats and no sanding needed if applied with 48hrs etc. (Much like epoxy - which it pretty much is).

I found however, that I WANTED to wet sand between coats to further fair the surface and to remove drips and sags. In that case I had to wait quite a bit longer than "touch dry" to prevent the partially cured paint from clogging my 400 grit paper.

I kept applying coats until the "miracle coat" happened - minimal sags and drips - then forced myself to "walk away - just walk away". The other circumstance which helps you make that decision is "I'm outa paint and I'll be damned if I'm gonna spend that much money on another can for just one more coat!"

I'll bet 2 part Bristol is a great product - producing a good finish once you get used to applying it - and it will wear well - most epoxy paints do. Buy it for those reasons alonw.

Whew - 2.5 cents CDN - and worth every penny!

PS Watch the fumes!

In Response to: Bristol Finish by Greg M. on May 13, 2004