MC 16.5 Rudder (Again)

Posted by Terry Mcadams on May 13, 2004

Calling 16.5 owners. Anyone know the answer to Manfreds question (below)?

Hi, All:

Need some help here.

To install the rudder on my MC 16.5, I had to remove the black plastic disk that was attached to the rudder yoke with a small S.S. screw and substitute the white plastic spacer as described in the instructions. Said spacer has a counter-sunk hole that seems to fit the same hole in the yoke as the original plastic disk. Is it meant to be screwed to the rudder yoke, which means that the spacer will rotate with the motion of the rudder, or is it meant to attach the plastic spacer to the deck?

Otherwise, I'm very pleased with the boat. It paddles beautifully even in a slight chop on Lake Erie and better yet on a calm creek.


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