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Posted by Chris on May 13, 2004

Kurt, I'll give it a try, considering the maintenance he had done, I think the 6 oz cloth and dookie schmutz might just work.

I took a lot of ideas from the forum, did a little onlay, and carved out a paddle park hook from the bottom end of a couple old hammer hanndles. I did two because I wasn't sure if I liked the dark red or the light beige wood (oh sure, I could get technical with the species and tell you the dark red wood is from the south african pigmy squash root that can only be harvested during the great pigmy squash mating migration run that occurs once every 27 years, and the light beige wood is...well,... it's just a stick silly, but I didn't want to bore anyone with my extensive knowledge of wood lore) Pictures coming, I promise. Boats a curing in the hot sun as we speak,.. er write,... er read,...(shhhh acutually I'm working, ...really I am..ooops, ..gotta go

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