Unorthodox Entries?

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 13, 2004

Using the paddle-on-the-coaming entry is established practice, but the experts also warn that lots and lots of paddles have been broken that way. I have never tried it myself, never could seem to get the hang of it.

But talk about the wrong way... I have been performing dry entries and exits (which kinda tax my abilities in the new Cormorant) ever since the beginning. It's kinda hard to describe, but I pretty much simply step in the boat and have a seat, and exit by gettin' up and gettin' out. I routinely do it that way at docks and all sorts of shorelines, and have yet to go overboard. But then, I have never tried it while drunk either...

As I have said so many times before, I must lead a charmed life.

Cheers, Kurt

p.s. to Chris: Leslie always puts her skirt on before she leaves the house. But I had already got the feeling you must have spent a lot of time sitting in the corner as a child.

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