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Posted by Mac on May 13, 2004

Kurt has got me thinking about an important observation I'd like to offer to new members of this forum and first time builders.


We discussed a while back the "fears".

1. Fear of starting the project - there are folk with complete kits sitting unopened in their garages and basements because they know that once they cut that packing tape they've committed about 150hrs of their time. Then:

2. Fear of finishing - the building experience is so fulfilling it becomes a major part of our lives and we don't want it to end (we try to outdo each other in the number of finish coats we apply, or we start building paddles and dreaming of the next boat).

3. Throughout, and unbeknownst to us, we become increasingly adicted to this forum. For those of us who are new to boat building, woodworking, epoxy craft, mariner lingo, painting etc., we find support and encouragement from seasoned experts whose assistance we couldn't afford to hire, and wildly enthusiastic cheerleading from fellow rookies who are learning at the same time.

I have been logging onto this forum virtually every day for over 6 months and have yet to see a comment or suggestion that is anything but encouraging or supportive.

Those of us who have completed the journey now feel responsible to pass along our experiences to the new grasshoppers - it is the methedone(sp) to our habit.

Kurt, you couldn't KEEP me away from this crew.

(Stop Bogarting that needle)


In Response to: Mac, You Silly Goose! by Kurt Maurer on May 12, 2004


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