Last coat on, finally.

Posted by Chris on May 13, 2004

Whew, I've been doing all the boat building for the last little while as hubby has had some maintenance done on himself, and hasn't been very mobile the last few weeks. So I put on a whack of coats of varnish, and was all ready to put on the final coat, when he figures he's feeling himself enough to come help me. Well I'm a rolling and he's a tipping, and then we are working our way to the hatch and cockpit openings, and he's applying around the cockpit with a tiny foam brush and I'm a rolling and a tipping, running round the boat trying to keep a wet edge, so he jumps ahead and puts a little around the hatch openings because I'm almost there, but since the boat is suspended from the ceiling so we can do the whole boat in one session, it's a swinging from side to side and end to end and I'm starting to get a little seasick, I grab it by the hatch rim,...aarrrrgh, it's already wet, quickly let go of the hatch rim, but now she's really swinging, and we're a ducking and a dodging, so I brace the side of the hull with my knuckles,....aaaarrrrrghhhh! that's already wet too, and I knew it, because I used my knuckles instead of my hand or my fingers, (like that would make a difference), and yet I'm still all surprised when I'm all covered in wet varnish goo. So..... Many many bad words later, I decided,.... you know it...., that I might need We decided that maybe I should stick to the system I developed over the course of the first million and six coats I put on, and Mr. Chris would cut the grass. Last coat went on tonight. whew.