HELP- Flush hatch latches

Posted by Steve in Ottawa on May 12, 2004

I have installed the under deck bungie system on the rear hatch for my WR18 (testing it before I do the front hatch) and I am not happy with the way it's working out. It seems to need a very high force to hold the hatch secure, and then it's very difficult to install/remove.

I am thinking of just putting 4 or 6 "quarter turn" hold downs around the perimeter of the hatch instead. It will still give me a pretty clean looking deck, and just seems like it will be less hassle.

So, where can I get these? Or do I have to make them? Does anyone have any feedback on how well they work or don't work?

My boat is DONE except for this little problem (plus rigging) and I don't want to paddle it without hatches for much longer. BTW, it paddles great and is not as tender as I thought it would be. Once I get my hatches on it will be a great boat.