Mac, You Silly Goose!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 12, 2004

This post is really to all the newbies out there, not to Mac. You see, poor Mac has already mortally embarrassed hisself, and is expected to croak over any minnit now from the shame of it all...

The question of how to enter (and exit... thanks Ice-Phil... LOL! Are you dry yet???) a kayak for the first time is really probably one of the wisest questions I have ever seen asked on this forum.

I never asked it myself for two reasons. First and foremost, simply because I'm just not that smart. But secondly, it was because I began my kayaking career in exceptionally stable "recreational" kayaks (I still say they're ALL recreational, unless you actually WORK in them, but that's another, even more inane, internet rant). I also grew up on Galveston Bay, and have thus been associated with boats, large and small, and the sea, all my life... and that helped too.

But to the vast majority of folks, small boats are strictly unfamiliar territory. And water has the undeniable potential to be mighty unforgiving.

I guess the moral to this story is that we all need to understand that our egos are out to kill us. Indeed, every religion known to mankind tries to get this across to us.

Whoops, getting deep. Sorry. Anyway, great question, Mac. You better keep hanging around this forum once your boat is finished, y' hear? We all benefit from your presence, I think.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Rookie Red Faced Question by Mac on May 12, 2004