Butt first

Posted by John in Dallas on May 12, 2004

When entering a kayak, it is best to lower your center of gravity quickly.

If the launch is in an area with no significant wave action, my preference is to have the boat parallel to the shore in 2 or 3 inches of water. If there is wave action, point the boat directly into the waves in a few inches of water. Then, either: (1) straddle the boat, hold the coaming on each side and lower your butt directly into the seat. Then pull you legs inside one at a time by holding your shins; or (2) Simultaneously lower one leg and your butt into the boat at the same time, using your other leg and hands on the coaming for support, Then pull your second leg in.

Do NOT get in the bad habit of using your paddle for support or sitting on the rear of the coaming unless your cockpit is too small to enter any other way. It is a great way to break your paddle.

Practice at home.


In Response to: Rookie Red Faced Question by Mac on May 12, 2004