pics of the coaming

Posted by Peter Lyons on May 8, 2004

Thanks to all for the kind remarks!

Steve, ask and you shall receive -

This pic... shows the way I modified the join between the carlins and the deck beam so as to form the curve that I was after.

This one... shows the way I built the curved rim out of small bits of the same 6mm okoume used for the rest of the coaming rim. I secured them to the carlins, deck beam, and the rounded over parts using cab-o-sil thickened goo and more of the bronze ring nails I used to nail the deck to the sheer clamps. The clamps you see in the picture just help keep them from looking like a row of crooked teeth. It would be much neater to have done this with bits of hardwood like Kurt Maurer has done, but I didn't have the hardwood on hand at the time, and just wanted to get on with it. When I sanded it smooth and rounded it off, of course, I exposed inner plys, which doesn't look good. I anticipated that, and tried to remedy it by applying carefully cut veneer over it, but that was a failure - another story. That's all been sanded off. The coaming, like my hull, will get paint. Ah, well, I've learned a thing or two. And I'm still very happy with the rounded coaming, painted or not. No regrets! I'm having fun. :-)

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