Re: WR 180 Broaching

Posted by T. HARPER on May 7, 2004


The old WR-180 does broach. I have been paddling one for quite a few years now. In my opinion other aspects of the design make up for that liability. No kayak can be all things at all times. There is always a compromise.

I use mine for my weekly excersise paddle as well as for multi-day trips loaded up with gear. The conditions I paddle in are varied from rather protected areas to open ocean where tracking and speed are valuable assets.

As for the broaching, the key is to slow down in a following sea. Don't rush it or try to catch and ride every wave. Slow and controled is the key. Also try to quarter across the waves if possible rather than taking them stern first. I cant explain it but it seems to lessen the violence of the broaching tendency. Perhaps because the bow is not buried in the trough or the back of the previous wave?

Yes your buddies in thier heavily rockered plastic wonder boat may leave you behind but once you round the point and start quartering into or across the waves you will catch up rapidly.

I would not add a skeg or rudder. Those only help with weather cocking which is not a problem. Also with a kayak the length of the WR-180 you will find that its easy to get into wave conditions which may be one thing at the front of the boat while its totally diffrent at the rear thats when a rudder seams to be a liability.

Build it, paddle it, have fun.

In Response to: WR 180 Broaching by Scott on May 6, 2004