Re: 50yds of s-glass!

Posted by Terry Mcadams on May 7, 2004

It being the season, I was thinking of making the new CLC Chesapeake 50, a kayak designed to compete with the limo rental agencies for the prom/wedding business.

When that project fails, as I suspect it will, I'll give more in-depth thought to building Sam Devlin's Dipper, a small (16.8') slow, tug-like cruiser that may suit Jen and I for our non-paddling needs. I wanted a displacement hull, as the old back can no longer take the power boat pounding in a chop. We also wanted an enclosed helm, because we all know it only rains when we're on the water; stand-up head room at the helm to stretch, seaworthyness and it should be light enough to trailer back and forth from Canada on occassion. The shallow draft of this boat would make it great for gunk-holeing those thousands of miles of Chesapeak shoreline in the spring/fall, as well as the Maritimes. Y'all can see the boat at , design catalog, power boats and trawlers, scroll down to "Dipper." More photos under "Owner built boats."

Of course, all this depends on weather I finish the 14, the 16.5 and the two half-scale models that are cluttering up the basement and garage.

If any of the other readers can suggest other designs, I'd love to hear it. We also looked closely at the Redwing 21 and Little Hunk dory.

Now, after I finish the Dipper (we are presumptious, aren't we), I'd love to build that Redwing 26 from Ches. Marine Design, a lovely and versatile cruiser. Need a much bigger garage for that project.


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