Re: More on the weave

Posted by Dave Houser on May 6, 2004

The glass cloth will appear as phantom lines inside the epoxy when the refraction index of the glass is deferent than that of the epoxy. Which means the glass bends light beams a different amount than the epoxy does. Nothing you can do about on this boat. I understand S-glass shows more than E-glass. It is important to match the epoxy to the glass to minimize this effect. Buy the glass and epoxy from the same supplier and talk to him first to avoid the problem.

If the surface is smooth and glass is not exposed you do not want any more epoxy coats.

To remove the white spotted ding you will have to sand the cloth off and apply a cloth patch, fill and sand smooth. You must not sand into the seal coat under the glass or you will end up with a light spot in the final finish. Your boat with use will receive paddle dings, portage dings and bottom scrapings. So if the ding is in a threatened spot it will soon be in good company. Your choice, it is effort versus aesthetics.

In Response to: More on the weave by Mike M. on May 5, 2004