Re: rounding over for gla

Posted by Chris on May 6, 2004

Wet out coat is the initial coat you apply onto dry fibreglass that "wets" the fibreglass and causes it to bond to the plywood.

Definitely round first, as you may find the need to fill it in dissapears. I did use an electric sander to round over my edges, but I switched to just a square vibrating sander, and used looooonnng flowing strokes. (like the way they wax surf boards on the old gidget movies.) Use Full arm extensions and keep working your way around the boat. I found this method avoided dipsy doodles along the length. (I didn't like the ROS, it kept wanting to fly off the edge.) Once you start you'll quickly see the edges of the plywood as parallel contrasting lines. Go slow and keep an eye on these and try to keep them even widths. Imagine how they'll look all shiny and varnished under a coffee table finish. You'll quickly get a feel for it. I found this part a very satisfying portion of the build. Do it on an unrushed day when you can take your time and enjoy it. Chris

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