steel wool

Posted by Chris on May 6, 2004

I was wet sanding coat #4 of varnish, and washing off the white paste when I noticed a bit of paste that wouldn't come off with my wet rag, it was really stuck on there, I grabbed a piece of super fine steel wool (like # 000) and gave it a scrub and noticed what a smooooooth finish it gave. I rubbed a little more, and everywhere I rubbed, all the little shiny imperfections disappeared like magic. I immediately ran out and borrowed the neighbors baby, ripped off his diaper, swung him upside down and compared him to my boat, you know it, my boat was smoother. I figure I'll give the whole boat a light steel wool rub before my final final i mean it im done last coat of varnish. Anyone else use this for finishing? Anything I should be aware of?