More on the weave

Posted by Mike M. on May 5, 2004

Ive got a question about the weave on the deck of my double. The pictures below capture what I am talking about as best as i could do with the camera. The weave you see there is only visible at certain angles. It is fairly faint, I got it to show up as much as i could for the photos. The deck is smooth and when sanding, there is no visible weave. There are a few spots where I hit the weave a tiny bit, but basically this weave visibility is consistent throughout the entire deck. My question is: do I need another coat of epoxy? Or is the weave slighly visible (very slightly) in the end?

Part 2 of my post regards the pesky ding from a sawhorse pad that slipped. The fibers from the glass in that spot turned white as the bottom photo shows. Recommended fixes?

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