deck beam height

I am building mc 16.5.  Should the deck beam be the same height as the forward bulkhead?  My bulkhead is 12" high. the eeck beam is 12 3/4" high both measured from the center line. Thanks, Dick

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RE: deck beam height


No, they are not the same height.  If you pull a line from the top of the deck beam, at centerline, to the bow, it will NOT contact the bulkhead.  The deck must be pulled down to the bulkhead, creating a curve (in profile) from the deck beam to the bow.  This, combined with the deck camber, requires some compoud curvature of the deck panel so it takes a bit to pull everything into place.  Be sure to do some dry-fitting before you get all slathered up with epoxy.  You will also find things a little tricky just aft of the deck beam where you will fit up to the coaming.  On my boat the line created where the deck hits the coaming has a slight hump.  I have seen this on other MC 16.5s as well so I don't think it was just me.

Good luck.  This, by the way, is a great boat to row with the Piantedosi row wing.

Paul G.

RE: deck beam height

No it will not be the same height, my MC 16.5 was ~1/2" difference. You should fine with 3/4" just do some dry fitting before you glue the deck on.

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