Canoecopia 2023

Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Dates: Friday, March 10, 2023 - Sunday, March 12, 2023


Where: Alliant Energy Center

When:    Fri, March 10: 3pm to 8pm

              Sat, March 11: 9am to 6pm

              Sun, March 12: 10am to 5pm


Boatbuilders should cast off the winter blues, or snowshoes, or whatever, and come see us at the huge Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. In that giant heated space you'll find Canoecopia, one of the world's biggest and best canoe and kayak shows. It's always one of our favorite shows of the year. No in-water trials, but lots of good boat vibes. Look for our striking (and very cool) booth that made its debut in 2013.


Also look for our popular Teardrop Camper, making its return Canoecopia. The buzz surrounding this is always huge, so you'll want to see the shiny, varnished prototype in person. It may not be a boat, but it's still a cool kit for a light craft.

CLC Teardrop Camper

Lots of reasons to stop by our Canoecopia booth this year:

  • We'll have lots of kayaks, canoes, and smallcraft on display.
  • There'll be great show deals on kits.  
  • We'll have heaps of discounted accessories, boatbuilding gear, and supplies in the booth.
  • Ed Wigglesworth, Nicky Stimpson, Jay Hockenberry, and Sean Rogers from the CLC team will be there to talk boats.

For a taste of what to expect, take a tour of our 2018 Canoecopia booth:

Here is a list of the boats we crammed into the caravan last year:
(expect a similar lineup in 2023):

Kayaks: Petrel (Strip) :: Petrel Play SG :: Petrel SG 

Great Auk 14 :: Night Heron SG 

Shearwater Sport :: Shearwater 16 Hybrid :: Shearwater 17

Wood Duck 10 :: Wood Duck 12 (w/ sail) :: Wood Duckling 8

Chesapeake 17LT

Canoes:   Sassafras 12 :: Sassafras 16

Stand-Up Paddleboards: Kaholo 12-6 SUP :: Kaholo 14 SUP

Small Craft: Annapolis Wherry :: Lighthouse Tender Peapod :: Oxford Shell II

Hope to see you there!