Bay Bridge Paddle Race

Location: Annapolis, Maryland
Dates: Saturday, June 1, 2019

This is not a CLC-sponsored event, but several members of our crew plan to participate. You can join them! Advance registration is required, and registration in advance of May 1 carries a discount, so sign up early. Let us know, and we'll give you a "CLC Race Team" t-shirt! Just drop a note to Nicole Stimpson to let us know you're coming and what size you want:

Bay Bridge Paddle

Attention Stand Up Paddleboarders, Prone Paddleboarders, Surfski, and Sea Kayak paddlers! Registration for the Bay Bridge Paddle is open! 

Paddling any part of the Chesapeake Bay waters is a thrilling experience and launching from Sandy Point State Park is no different. With a beautiful sandy beach on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, you are provided with expansive views overlooking the Bay Bridge. This race will bring together all levels of paddlers to share in a day of camaraderie and fellowship. Each race will present a different experience and challenge, the bay’s shifting conditions add to the fun as racers can experience anything from flat water glides to gusty winds and unpredictable swell and tides from the wind and current.

The Elite Crossing will challenge racers with a high level of fitness and paddling experience; racers with less experience or conditioning can enjoy the Intermediate Paddle or the Recreational course closer to shore. In addition to these races, there will be other memorable events to entertain everyone, and with the generous backing of event sponsors, there will be prizes and cash awarded!

Elite Course (8.34 miles)

Read more (and register) on the event page and the event Facebook page!

Intermediate Course (3.1 miles)


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