We're looking forward to our 20th year at Canoecopia in Madison, Wisconsin, March 8-9-10, 2019.

This is one of the biggest (and certainly the best) paddlesports shows in the world. We'll be bringing display boats, gear, plus our Teardrop Camper!

About now we start getting emails wondering what sort of show specials will be on offer. Here they are! 

If you order a boat kit now and pick it up at the show, we'll give you the show price AND free delivery to the show in Madison.

Note that you'll have to put the kit into your cart to see the full discount.

This promotion adds up to a TON of cash. INCLUDING YOUR SAVINGS ON SHIPPING, it's an average kit discount of $250. You will save up to:

$485 off a Teardrop Camper kit.
$409 off an Oxford Shell II kit.
$379 off a Tenderly 10-foot Dinghy kit.
$374 off a Northeaster Dory kit.
$359 off an Expedition Wherry kit.
$339 off a Sassafras 16 kit.
$359 off an Annapolis Wherry kit.
$358 off a Jimmy Skiff II kit.
$359 off a Skerry kit.
$281 off a Stitch & Glue Night Heron kit.
$286 off a Petrel kit.
$269 off a Sectional Shearwater Sport kit.
$266 off a Wood Duck 10 Hybrid kit.
$246 off a Chesapeake 17 kit.
$249 off a Wood Duck 12 kit.
$239 off a Kaholo kit.

There will be great prices on everything at the show, including accessories and gear and of course our whole line of boat kits.

If you want the show price AND free shipping, here's the lugubrious fine print:

1. You MUST get your kit order in by midnight Thursday, February 28th so we can pack it on the truck.

2. Alas, PocketShip, Peeler Skiff, and Southwester Dory kits are TOO BULKY TO QUALIFY FOR THE FREE-SHIPPING SPECIAL. We can't fit them on the truck. 

3. Call in your kit order, or check out online with the promo code madison19 to trigger the show discount and free shipping on your order. When checking out online, make sure to select the "Free Delivery to Canoecopia" choice in Shipping Options on the Billing Address screen, as shown:

4. You MUST pick up your kit at the Alliant Center in Madison during Canoecopia show hours. Absolutely no exceptions!  If we have to haul your kit back to Annapolis, you'll have to pay shipping to get your kit.

5. Please arrive in Madison prepared to transport the kit on, or in, your vehicle. All of our kit packages are cartoppable, and the cartons can handle getting wet for at least a few hours. But please give some thought to transportation logistics. Let us know if you have transport questions!

6. There will be generous show specials on kits ordered AT THE SHOW, but shipping fees will apply.  Again, to get the free shipping deal you must order by February 28th and take delivery of your kit at the Alliant Center in Madison, Wisconsin, during show hours.

Show now for kit using the promocode madison19!


6 days, 7 hours left in our
Free Shipping Over $50 Promotion!

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