Purchase a Kit at Full Price and
Get Free Delivery to Canoecopia

Save as much as $500 in shipping fees!
There is only enough room in our truck for a few more kits.

Here's your chance to get FREE delivery on complete kits by ordering ahead. This promotion adds up to serious savings; depending on your ZIP code, shipping costs range up to $500 across our line of complete boat (and camper) kits.

This promotion does not apply to ProKits or kits that require shipping on a pallet (Peeler Skiff, PocketShip, Southwester Dory, e.g.). Don't worry, we still have lots of boat kits (and a camper kit) you can choose. Quantity limits and packaging fees apply to plywood orders. 

Please be aware once the truck is full, this deal is over.
Truck is Nearly Full! Order from Our List of Kits in Stock

Email [email protected] or call 410-267-0137 today!

Want something else like sculling oars, rowing units, timber, or heavy epoxy kits? Talk to us; we might be able to bring that, too!

If you want the free delivery deal, here's the fine print:

  • Once the truck's full, the deal is over. Do not delay in ordering. The final day for ordering will be March 1st to allow time to prepare the kits and pack the truck. The sale may end sooner. 

  • You will need to call in your kit order or email [email protected] so we can confirm that space remains on the truck. 

  • You MUST pick up your kit at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison during Canoecopia show hours. If we have to haul your kit back to Annapolis, you'll have to pay for shipping to get your kit.

  • Please arrive prepared to transport the kit on or in your vehicle. Our kit packages are cartoppable, and the cartons can handle getting wet for at least a few hours. But please give some realistic thought to transportation logistics. Bring ropes or straps to secure your boat to your vehicle.

Sorry, other kit discounts and deals do not apply to this special offer.

Call us at 410-267-0137
email [email protected]

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