Wooden Boats For Sale
We've got nearly a hundred display models, demo boats, and prototypes at our factory in Annapolis.

We're running out of space, and reluctantly we're thinning the herd.

Here's a chance to pick up a professionally-built boat (or Teardrop Camper) and pay $5 or $10/hour for assembly labor. The list will expand and contract as we cull through our stable of completed models.

Click the links for more info. These items are at CLC's showroom in Annapolis, MD*. Pick up here, or contact Ed@clcboats.com for shipping options or any other questions.

*NOTE: We'll be transporting this fleet up to the WoodenBoat Show in Mystic, CT, over June 28-30. See (and pick them up) there!

Tenderly Dinghy

Tenderly Dinghy Hull #1 - $4500
A little yacht, built by CLC's professional team. Clean, beautiful, and always stored indoors. This star of many magazine photo spreads includes the sailing rig and a tanbark sail. The entire hull is varnished above the waterline, with stained accents in the cockpit. The boat is in perfect condition and ready to go! 10'0" long by 52" wide. Rows, tows, motors, and sails with equal aplomb.

Teardrop Camper For Sale

CLC Teardrop Camper - $12,500
We have another finished Teardrop Camper in stock, built to our specifications by award-winning professional boatbuilder (and longtime CLC colleague) Joey Schott. This camper has been in the air conditioned showroom since it was delivered. It has not been outfitted with electrical, vents, or headliner; you can fit it out to suit your tastes, or we can complete the outfitting to your exact specifications.


  • Automotive glossy clear coat. Sprayed-on and much more durable than standard marine varnishes or finishes. Wash and wax it just like a car!
  • Lightweight aluminum Trailex trailer with 12-inch wheels and a mounted 12-inch spare tire. Estimated 550lbs total weight.
  • CLC Storage box, elegantly styled to match the camper, with sprayed automotive clear coat. 7.5 cubic feet of volume and will fit a typical 48-quart cooler. Self-draining with a sturdy hasp for a padlock.
  • Installed CLC Galley module with a premium dark Sapele marine plywood face. Opens with installed 12"-20" gas springs. Includes a sturdy hasp for a padlock.
  • Rooftop vent (with or without fan) and four mushroom vents for ventilation.
  • Self-inflating, 4-inch thick Queen-size Mattress constructed with high-density, open-cell foam and covered with a soft velour top.

Arctic Hawk Built by Mark Rogers - $2200
Kayak designer and master boatbuilder Mark Rogers of Superior Kayaks built this 18'0" x 22" kayak as the photo subject for the Arctic Hawk's unprecedented instruction manual. Assembled with extraordinary care and attention to detail, this was Mark's personal kayak, and later became John Harris's personal kayak. Now reluctantly for sale; fleet reduction needed. A nimble, fast kayak revered for its handling. Cost $6000 new.

This is the preferred small cockpit version, and it is in excellent condition. 


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