Baja Kayak Paddle by Werner

Baja Kayak Paddle by Werner
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The Baja offers Werner heritage and design at a more modest price. Mid-sized low angle blades are great for entrants to kayak touring.
    • Standard Performance gives you Werner's heritage and advanced design features at introductory prices.Mid-sized, low-angle blades fit the widest range of paddlers.
    • Injection molded blades with designs derived from our Premium Performance paddles offers a good catch and is stable feeling.
    • Available in Straight Fiberglass Wrapped Shaft, Standard Diameter only.
    • Value oriented shaft with three hole push button ferrule. (30 degree L, Zero, 30 degree R)
    • Fiberglass reinforced nylon injection molded blades are durable at a lower cost.
Surface Area 605 sq cm
Blade Length x Width 49 x 15.6cm
Weight for 220cm
Straight Shaft Weight 1077g/38.00oz
Recommended Lengths 215-240cm
Available Lengths Available in 5 and 10cm incrementsStraight Shaft 220,230,240cm
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