PocketShip Running Rigging Package

PocketShip Running Rigging Package
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Side Shroud Attachment 2mm Mini Spool Orion Red 98' FSE 2MMREDSPL 1
Halyard XLS Braid 1/4 White SAM XLS14W 60
Halyard XLS Braid 1/4 Blue Trace SAM XLS14B 50
Halyard XLS Braid 1/4 Red Trace SAM XLS14R 45
Jib Furler Mini Braid Cord 4mm Black SAM CORD4mm 25
Jib Sheets Trophy Braid 3/8 White SAM TB38W 30
Main Sheet XLS Braid 3/8 Solid Blue SAM XLS38SOB 50
Spinnaker Halyard XLS Braid 1/4 Green Trace SAM XLS14G 50
Spinnaker Sheet XLS Braid 1/4 Solid Blue SAM XLS14SOB 20
Centerboard Pendant Warpspeed 1/4" Wht w/Red Trace SAM WARP14WR  10 


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