From hand tools to disposables to gear and accessories, CLC has everything to get you through your boatbuilding project and on the water.  CLC students can enter their promotional code during checkout to receive discounts on eligible items.


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Safety Whistle Safety Whistle
NRS Deluxe Boat Sponge NRS Deluxe Boat Sponge
keep your cockpit dry
Tie Down Straps - Two-pack Tie Down Straps - Two-pack » 12'
Footbrace Mounting Kit  (FMK) Footbrace Mounting Kit (FMK)
an alternative to through-bolting footbraces
Knee Brace Kit Knee Brace Kit
minicell blocks for carving; indispensable for kayak control
Bow & Stern Tie-Down Kit - by NRS Bow & Stern Tie-Down Kit - by NRS
TPU Accessory Case TPU Accessory Case » Medium
1 not sold by CLC
Paddle Leash - by NRS Paddle Leash - by NRS
Bailing Pump - by NRS Bailing Pump - by NRS
Roof Rack Pads Roof Rack Pads
Rudder Mounts Rudder Mounts
for use with the Smart Track long pin installation
Cockpit Cover - Chesapeake & Shearwater Std. Cockpit Cover - Chesapeake & Shearwater Std. » Green
NRS Ricksack Dry Bags NRS Ricksack Dry Bags » Large - 38 Liters
Guillemot Marquetry Inlay/Onlay Kit Guillemot Marquetry Inlay/Onlay Kit
over a dozen designs available
Happy Bottom Pad Happy Bottom Pad
countoured minicell with built-in hip braces
Discovery Kayak Thigh Support Cushion Discovery Kayak Thigh Support Cushion
prevents numbness and pain in legs
Paddle Float (inflatable) by NRS Paddle Float (inflatable) by NRS
the essential piece of safety gear; don't leave shore without one
Rubstrip Kit Rubstrip Kit » Rubstrip Kit w/o Epoxy
reduces wear at the bow and stern
Ritchie Kayaker Compass Ritchie Kayaker Compass
Nylon Spray Skirt - Chesapeake & Shearwater Std. Nylon Spray Skirt - Chesapeake & Shearwater Std. » Red
lightweight skirt for warmer weather
Malone J-Docks Malone J-Docks
space-saver in the garage
On Sale!
NRS Vista PFDs NRS Vista PFDs » Yellow - L/XL
Neo-Nylon Extreme Spray Skirt Neo-Nylon Extreme Spray Skirt » Chesapeake, Shearwater Std., Hawk Lg. Cockpit
Neoprene skirt for paddling in cool weather
NRS Deluxe Safety Kit NRS Deluxe Safety Kit
save on this bundle of NRS safety gear: bilge pump, whistle and signal mirror, paddle float, paddle leash, and the boat sponge
Kayak Sling Kayak Sling
Creature Comfort Seat Creature Comfort Seat
combined seat and backrest with high lumbar support
Skagit by Werner Skagit by Werner » 230 cm
an unbeatable value
On Sale!
Autoloader XV Kayak Carrier Autoloader XV Kayak Carrier
get more kayaks on the car with these J-cradles
On Sale!
Adjustable Kayak Cover Adjustable Kayak Cover » Large (15'-18')
lengthen the life of your finishing work
Mistral Hybrid by Grey Owl Mistral Hybrid by Grey Owl » 230cm
laminated wooden blades with a lightweight composite shaft
Smart Track Rudder System Smart Track Rudder System » Sgl/Long Pin
install with the stainless rudder mount
Camano Paddles by Werner Camano Paddles by Werner » Orange 230
a premium composite paddle from Werner; very light