Model: Length: Hull Weight: Beam:
CLC Kayak/Canoe SailRig 10' 0" 30 lbs. 120 in.
CLC Kayak/Canoe SailRig Configurations:
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Standard Configurations:
Complete Kit Without Sail
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Alternative Configurations:

Ama Parts Only (For Plans Builders)
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Plans & Manual Only
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Additional Components:

SailRig 70 Sail
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SailRig 55 Sail
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SailRig 40 Sail
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SailRig 70 Mast Package
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CLC SailRig Rudder Kit (Footbrace Style)
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CLC SailRig Rudder Kit (Tiller Style)
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Materials List for Plans Builders:
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  • SailRig 40:  A 40sq.ft sail is more than enough for fast sailing in solo kayaks and canoes.
  • SailRig 55:  The 55sq.ft sail is a good fit for most double kayaks, or for pushing single kayaks a little harder.
  • SailRig 70:  Unlike the 40 and 55, the 70sq.ft. sail requires strategic reinforcement of the host kayak to handle the loads, and a specially equipped mast (including sailtrack).  This option should be reserved for sailors with some skill, and for kayaks with enough bow volume to handle the speeds without "submarining"