Model: Length: Hull Weight: Beam: Max Payload: Rowing Draft: Sailing Draft: Sail Area:
NanoShip 12' 11" 650 lbs. 65 in. 750 lbs. 16" 34" 126 sq ft.

Prototype Status:  We built the first hull in August 2015
Kit Status:  In development
Plans Status:  In development
Instruction Manual Status:  In development
Pricing:  Kit and plans TBD

This 12'11" water-ballasted yawl is a nascent project that's been in development for several years as of this writing.  Normally we wouldn't publish this much detail so early in the process.  However, there was a design review in a recent issue of Small Craft Advisor, and it was the subject of a boatbuilding class at the WoodenBoat School in August 2015. Some schematic drawings got loose in the wilderness of the internet.  The early drawings excited a great deal of comment on the bulletin boards. The up-to-date, detailed drawings shown here are very close to the final version.  The design brief is for a comfortable, fun, easy-to-sail boat for camp-cruising or daysailing that's straightforward to build stitch-and-glue style.  Functionally it's PocketShip's smaller sister.  An outboard mounts in a stern well, one of a number of big-boat features incorporated into a design that will fit in a small shop and can be towed behind a small car.  The design is based loosely on the beach luggers of the UK and Brittany.  Like all of CLC's new designs, a completed prototype, extensive sailing trials, and a detailed instruction manual will precede kit and plans availability.  We're really looking forward to this one and judging from the feedback so far, there may be lots of interest.