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The gaff rig still raises eyebrows, but it was always a given, and the reasoning is simple:  it offers the most horsepower per foot of mast height.  The low center of effort means less heeling with more sail area.  I wanted to be able sail to windward in light air, and for that you need lots of sail area.  (The antiquated notion that gaff rigs aren't weatherly is absolute bunk and needs to be destroyed.)

The long bowsprit balances the long boom.  Best watch it in a crowded anchorage.  It's heavily built and guyed by a stainless steel bobstay.  With the asymmetrical spinnaker set, PocketShip ought to be a real flyer.

Fowler has made the sails for me in tanbark.  The jib will be set and doused with a Harken small boat furler.