Chester Yawl interior glass and finish

I just completed the sanding of the bare wood in my Chester Yawl. The directions call for a layer of glass on the bottom 3 planks between the bulkheads.

In adddition to the glass a filet of wood flour and epoxy is called for along the joints of the bottom 3 planks. I would think this will result in a dark line showing through the glass and epoxy.

Can i get away with just glassing the garboards (bottom most planks) and giving everything else in the interior 2 good coats of unthickend epoxy? The interior is looking so good after sanding that I just want to keep "traditional" in appearance.

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RE: Chester Yawl interior glass and finish

The fillets give you nice gentle corners to lay the glass over.  It would be very difficult to get the glass to lay in against the plank edges.  Floated glass will look a lot worse than thickened epoxy.

Paul G

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