Just wondered if anybody besides Laszlo and I will be heading to the MASCF next week.

George K

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Um, sorry to have posted the same thing twice but it was taking quite a while to post last night so I canceled thinking it wouldn't post. Turns out I was wrong. Anybody else having trouble with the forum being slow?


Took nearly four minutes to log in to post this.  Posting and just opening the forum to read posts is getting slower & slower.  Jer


Characteristics of an extremely slow server.  I open a separate window of IE and use my other IE window to browse while CLC loads.


Sorry if off topic ... but yeah the forum IS really slow sometimes.


Thanks folks for addressing this problem because for months now I have been having problems posting to the CLC site and have submitted several of the same post because of lack of response from the host.  Another problem I have is when I sign on, in order to get to the builder's forum I have to sign out and sign back in again before I can get to the forum because it locks up.  I'm recognized when I sign back in again and sometimes I can get to the forum and sometimes not.  Strange.  Best,  Bob H.


Very slow, even at 6:00 am on a Sunday when you'd expect very light traffic.




>>>>Took nearly four minutes to log in to post this.  Posting and just opening the forum to read posts is getting slower & slower.  Jer >>>>>>>

I'm noticing the same thing at my desk here at CLC (including on Sundays).  It's a little faster if, after logging in, you click on the Forum link on the top navigation bar, rather than on the little photo on the login page.  But still way too slow.  I'll ask the relevant authorities to do something. 


I noticed the forum runs just fine till you log in then it gets real slow.

John, thanks for having your guy have a look!

All, everybody had some comment on the slow factor here but nobody said they were heading to the MASCF!

George K.


To the original topic of MASCF, I am going to be heading down for my first time this weekend.  I don't really know what to expect honestly-  I figure, my boat is yet to be complete, and seeing a bunch of nice shiny boats could be good motivation for someone mid project~


If I can face the drive from Miami Beach I'll be there. SEEYA Jack

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