varnishing over paint

I am building a Woodduck 12 (all Okoume). I am thinking of painting a strip (Interlux Brightside w/primer) that will wrap a couple of inches onto the deck and hull around the entire boat. Can I varnish over this painted strip or should I mask it off and just varnish up to it? I have looked at pictures of painted decks but can not tell how far the varnish goes, it all looks nice and glassy.

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RE: varnishing over paint

There is no need to varnish over the paint. I just taped and varnished/painted.

RE: varnishing over paint

Don't forget some varnishes will have an amber tint.  Might look bad if over a white stripe.



RE: varnishing over paint

Thanks for the advise. I'm thinking of a dark to medium blue color. However, I will keep the amber tint effect in mind for future projects. Thanks again.


RE: varnishing over paint

It's true that there is no "need" to varnish over the paint but you certainly can. I painted the cockpit apron black (Brightsides) on my Shearwater Hybrid and varnished over that; no problems, looks great. I would counter that there is no need to do all that masking.

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