6 man outrigger canoe

Here’s a report of the build on an OC 6 modeled on a Tahitian design brought to Kona and built by Bill Rosehill, et al. three boats were built in Kona, with one given to the Livestrong campaign. Bill sent us the form patterns. we cut the forms and set them up on a strongback for building with spruce and cedar wood strips. We started maybe a month ago and put in about three or four days a week, leveling the strongback, aligning forms, shimming and shaving forms, cutting strips, routing coves/beads, scarfing strips and we have laid seven strips on each side, gluing without staples. We now have 10” on each side. final dimensions: approx 44’ X 20”beam. projected launch date: unknown. the pict shows the boat and Vern Heikkila, in his barn in Westport, Wakinikona.

more reports may follow.


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