Dyed MC 16.5 deck is finally on.

After much thought and a few sleepless nights I decided to dye the deck on my Mill Creek. I was very nervous, as I did not like the idea of a painted deck if I messed up. I used Lockwood's water soluble aniline dye for the deck and hatches. The hardest part was not getting any glue on the deck while attaching it. I used a foam brush to put on two coats of very diluted dye to slowly build up the color and to raise the grain. I then attached the deck and applied the remaining two coats. I won't know until the glass goes on but it looks like it will be very nice.

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RE: Dyed MC 16.5 deck is finally on.

Wow, that is really sharp looking! I like it!  I bet the deck will have a beautiful rich tone once it is finished.  Nice job on placing the nails, did you take any special precautions or steps to ensure such nice allignment of the nails?

RE: Dyed MC 16.5 deck is finally on.

Nothing special, just lots of layout and prep work. I am also installing a rudder so I needed to make sure I did not place a nail in the same place as the rudder shaft.

After planing the bevel on the sheer clamps I noticed the thickness of the deck and sheer was less than the length of the bronze ring nails. Not wanting 132 nails poking out below the deck I trimmed all of the nails 1/8". It did not take that long to trim them and I feel it was worth the trouble.


RE: Dyed MC 16.5 deck is finally on.

Wow, that is some dedication to trim all of the nails. Great job!

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