Riffler Rasps

Just want to let the rest of the builders know about my newest favorite hand tool from CLC - the Riffler Rasp set. I picked these up some months back as an impulse buy (the perils of living close to the CLC showroom) and they have really come into their own. My latest project is finishing up a 12-ft sailing dinghy I started a few years ago. This involves, among other things, smoothing the taped seams to a yacht level of finish. That means lots of fairing and sanding concave surfaces.

That's where the rasps come in. Because of their shapes and sharpness, it's possible to knock down lumps of fairing compound and cured woodflour glue in very little time. The rasps handle rough shaping which I then touch up with 80 grit sandpaper on shaped pieces of minicell. It's the easiest way to fair inner seams that I've found so far.

BTW - this is for painted boats, not varnished. They're also good for shaping wood on painted or varnished boats.

So I just wanted to let everyone know about this. It's the greatest thing since the Shinto Rasp and  Japanese saw.


PS - One thing not shown in the pictures is that each rasp is double-ended, so you actually get 16 tools, not 8.


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RE: Riffler Rasps

Laszlo how big are these tools, I have something like them but they are real small great for small repairs but not for bigger repairs



RE: Riffler Rasps


They're about 8 inches long, with the working bits being about 2 inches on each end. I was able to smooth down a 4x4 inch area in just a couple of minutes.Because of their shapes and sharpness, they are almost as fast a using a Dremel, but much quieter and less likely to accidently damage the work.



RE: Riffler Rasps

Thanks Laszlo I'll be placeing my order monday


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