Mill Creek Seats

I am at the fitting out stage of my MC 16.5 and am having some difficulty visualizing the strapping for the seats, especially the fittings.  The manual is unfortunately not real clear in the old b&w.

Does anybody have any fotos of their builds which illustrate the connections that I might be able to learn from?



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RE: Mill Creek Seats

Hi Ross...I attached my seats a bit differently than illustrated in the building manual.  I used side release buckles which makes it easier to pull the seat out of the kayak.  Here's a picture and a link to a larger image. 

RE: Mill Creek Seats

When I built the seats for my Mill Creek 16.6 I strapped from the seat bottom up to the seat back, along the seat back to the other side and then down to the seat bottom on the other side. This made my seats indapendent of the boat and strong enough.

RE: Mill Creek Seats

Good ideas and thanks.  I've got them figured out, but in the classic CLC mode.  BTW, I wish I had seen Chris's flickr pages before I got into this.  Very impressive and helpful to anyone doing the mc series.

 Thought you might like to see the inverse of your color scheme, but I can't figure out how to insert a picture.




RE: Mill Creek Seats

Love to see your you have them uploaded on a host site like


RE: Mill Creek Seats

Chris, and anyone else, I've uploaded some photos onto the host site that I use and you may visit by clicking below.  No annotations yet, but the last picture is the coffee table prior to varnishing the deck etc. which is now done.  The series is more to help my memory on the project and will not be as helpful to someone else, but in my experience every new view is potentially helpful to a newbie.

One of them, however (4544), shows what to look for should you think you might have stitched the bottom on backwards.  Sigh.  Non-level S-shaped bottom should be a giveaway that something is up.

 Thanks for asking.


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