Scribing the deck profile?

Prior to lifting off the raw cedar strip deck from the shearwater hull, the manual suggests scribing the deck profile to create wooden supports.  These will cradle the upside down deck while the undersurface is sanded and glassed.  The suports will help keep the deck from loosing its shape during its upside-down time off the hull.

My question is- anyone out there (in there) have a suggested method for scribing the shape of the curved deck?


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RE: Scribing the deck profile?

I just removed the strip deck, then used two of the supports that the deck was built on.  Just measure a couple of inches from the surface that the strip deck was built on, and use that same dimension the full width of the strip deck support.  Your strip deck support should end up C shaped arc with an even width.  Place it on top of your deck and tweek it with a pencil if necessary to get a better fit.  I then just took those pieces and clamped them to the sawhorses.

RE: Scribing the deck profile?

I scribed mine with the bow and stern radius templates since I figured two points of support were enough. Clamped them to sawhorses. It worked well. Good Luck!

RE: Scribing the deck profile?

Thanks guys.  Using the the temp supports as a template seems obvious, now that you mentioned it.


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