Chesapeake 16 LT deck problem

I did a trial fit of the forward deck on my 16 LT and I get a nice curve between the deck beam and the forward bulkhead, but there is a flat spot between the forward bulkhead and the forward deck beam. If I apply pressure to the sides of the deck, I can make the deck "pop out" and curve the way it's supposed to, but as soon as I release the pressure, it flattens out again. A flat forward deck wouldn't be so bad, except it rises up again when it crosses the forward deck beam. I tried applying pressure with a cargo strap near the forward deck beam, but I couldn't get it to make the flat spot curve correctly. Any suggestions?

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RE: Chesapeake 16 LT deck problem

I'd think that if it takes the proper curvature when you apply pressure to the sides of the deck, then it would be fine when you nail/glue the deck onto the sheer clamps?

There is an area on my 17lt just near the bow, where the deck naturally stops its roll from side-to-side and curls up as it follows the upward lift of the prow. I think that is normal. This might be considered to be a "flat spot", really just an area where the direction of curvature changes 90 degrees from across, to along the keel line.


RE: Chesapeake 16 LT deck problem

Try using a pipe clamp or other carpenters clamp to squeeze the curvature that you want and the cargo strap to hold the edges down. The pipe clamp will exert the pressure latterally and hold the desired curve. SEEYA Jack

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