Handling the cockpit apron edge on a SH16 hybrid

I'm working on stripping the deck on my Shearwater 16 hybrid.  It's my first build, and I'm having a lot of fun and learning a lot.  The wife has already identified the second build that she would like, which is nice!

The problem I'm having right now is how to handle the strips around the cockpit apron edge.  On the front of the cockpit, it's no big deal; I am assuming the proper thing is to align the bottom of the strip with the bottom of the apron, and the when the deck is being planed/sanded later I can smoothly taper the top edge of the strip straight out from the top of the apron so that the glass lays smoothly. 

The back has me worried, though.  If I continue to align the bottom of the strips with the bottom of the apron, it looks like it will be difficult (or look weird) to taper the top of the flat deck into the flat apron.  It would almost have to be concave at that point.  If I align the top of the strips, though, I'll have to lift the apron off the forms to align it, and I'm worried that later when I go to attach the deck there will be a gap.

Any suggestions, or even better, any clear pictures of what people have done?  I've been browsing for pictures, but its hard to tell exactly what people have done (and most importantly how it worked out...)




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RE: Handling the cockpit apron edge on a SH16 hybrid

I had the same thing on a SW Sport hybrid. In the end, with a bit of guidance from Fyne Boat Kits, I packed up the apron at the rear with a couple of lolly sticks (actually medical tounge depressors which come in boxes of 500). This lifted it up a few mm to make sure the strips hit the apron. I wouldn't worry about top/bottom of the strips lining up, I'd just recommend the plywood of the apron shouldn't stick out.

You will probably get a gap between bulkhead and deck anyway, which you can then close up with a big fillet (which will be out of sight once finished).

I had some strips flush at the top, and others flush at the bottom. when they were sanded in, yes there was the concave section you describe - it still looks great.

Here's the finished job.

RE: Handling the cockpit apron edge on a SH16 hybrid

So good I posted it twice ! Doh!!

RE: Handling the cockpit apron edge on a SH16 hybrid

My approach was to mainly align the cockpit apron & strips at the top, not the bottom. I tweaked the position of the apron so that about 1/8" of the strips stuck up above the apron, then I sanded the strips down with a gradual taper. There is a more concave taper on the inside, where it isn't seen.

RE: Handling the cockpit apron edge on a SH16 hybrid

Beaker and Jim, thanks to both of you.  Playing around with a few mm thick shim under the apron, I can see how it would work, leaving just a little of the strip above to be sanded down, while not leaveing a huge gap above the bulkhead where the bulkhead, apron, and strips all interact.  I'll give it a try.

And I hope my boat comes out looking 1/2 as good as your boats!  Every time I see pictures of some of the beauties folks have built I'm motivated to go add a few more strips!



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