Decorative fabric - fading?


My husband has caught the stand up paddleboard bug, so I'll be building him a Kaholo this winter.  He's trying to decide what decorations he'd like on the deck; veneer, fabric, etc.  To those who have put fabric on the deck, how does it hold up as far as fading from the sunlight?  I know that many dyes are not particularly UV stable and before I put fabric under a layer of fiberglass (where it will be difficult to sand off and replace) I'd like to know if I should expect it to face after a few years.  If so I might steer him towards veneer. 

Thanks for any insights. 

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RE: Decorative fabric - fading?

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RE: Decorative fabric - fading?

No expert by any means, but I do know that about the last thing you will do is put on several coats of UV-blocking varnish to prevent damage to the epoxy.  My guess is this would protect the fabric from fading also.  Still I would not store the paddleboard in direct sunlight even with the varnish protection--pretty sure it is not going to block 100% of the UV rays.

BTW, there was an exchange of posts lately about using automotive clear-coat or a clear marine varnish instead of Interlux varnish.  The Interlux varnish CLC recommends is great, but it does have an amber cast, which might not be good over decorative fabric. 

As I understand it, clear-coat is difficult to use, but there were some recommended clear varnishes in the posts, one being Minwax Helmsman.  There were some others, one being Cabot I think.  I was skeptical about the UV protection, but was slapped down pretty hard on that one, so other more knowledgeable people say it is OK, at least as far as protecting epoxy.  I still think it's a good idea to store it in shade, though.

Anyway, you should check out those posts--about three or four weeks ago I think.

RE: Decorative fabric - fading?

That thread about clear coat was September 16: automobile clear coat instead of varnish

RE: Decorative fabric - fading?

Use prefection plus. I just finished another paddle board with it and it's far superior to other varnishes for UV protection. It's a two part mix and when put on really thin it flashes fast so there's no runs or sags and on top surfaces like your deck you can lay it on thick. CLC will post my new board in the next few days so you can see for yourself the finish. Also the finish is clear not amber. It's not cheap but it's the last thing you do to the board before hitting the beach. 1 kit is all you need to do 2 coats if you don't waste anything.

ps. If something should happen to your husband I'll marry you.


                                                 Dave S

RE: Decorative fabric - fading?

While all the above ideas are great and I am sure there are numerous products you could consider.....I used the products that came with my kit, used a pretty good amount of fabric in my design, it turned out great, and with the numerous layers of protection over the fabric I don't think fading is anything to worry about.

RE: Decorative fabric - fading?

Thanks for your input.  I've built 2 CLC kayaks so far, so I understand about the UV-protecting varnish (I've used 2-part System 3 WR-LPU which holds up great as far as scratches/dings and it's clear not amber).  However, I also know that the wood on my kayaks has changed through time, like all wood does, after exposure to light.  For the wood, the changes are fine, but I wasn't sure how fabric would hold up.  I suppose it won't have that much sun exposure since it will be stored indoors and only be in the sun while my husband's using it so hopefully it will be fine. 

P.S.  You guys are funny - I'll let you know if my husband meets an early demise - he tends to shun wearing a pfd while he's paddleboarding so you may have a chance!  I'm glad he is letting me build him an SUP - he said "no more kayak building" after my second kayak build.  Although I can always hope.....a cedar strip design would be my next one if I get a chance. 


RE: Decorative fabric - fading?

Kathy, you've got to build a cedar strip.  I see it in your future.


RE: Decorative fabric - fading?

Hi Hickory,

I hope so!  I'll try to bring the paddleboard to R2K next year if I can figure out how to fit it and 2 kayaks on the top of the car.  Hmm, maybe he does have a point about too many boats..........


RE: Decorative fabric - fading?

i don't see fading being a problem , just the oposite when you epoxy the fabric it tends to get slightly darker as though its permanetly wet whaterver you pick out try a sample on a scrap pierce of wood

RE: Decorative fabric - fading?

ps kaholo kit tip be extra careful when joing the hull panel [its a really long joint], sand the puzzle joint so i fits toghether easily and make sure it is nice and even when you glue it

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