3M blue painters' tape vs. epoxy

Can anyone tell me if this suff will work for masking off areas when gluing scarfs. I want to keep the epoxy off the surrounding wood and I'm worried it'll saturate the paper-like tape. I have a lot of the blue stuff and no packing tape around the house. Figured I'd ask before buying some packing tape.


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RE: 3M blue painters' tape vs. epoxy

It will totally saturate the tape and glue it to the wood. Deep in the hidden depths of some of my boats, where no one without a chainsaw will ever see it, are blue tape fossils that I didn't pull out of the epoxy soon enough.

You need a smooth, non-porous tape. Definitely go buythe packing tape.



RE: 3M blue painters' tape vs. epoxy

+1 on Laszio's comments.  In the sealed depths of Passagemaker, remanents of blue are perserved for the archiologist.  I use waxed paper under packing tape with good results.  Blue tape works great if removed within the 1st hour (or so) of epoxy application.


RE: 3M blue painters' tape vs. epoxy

Thanks Laszlo and Al. You confirmed my suspicions and come to think of it, reading your amusing accounts of entombed tape on your boats reminded  me that I'm pretty sure I have something similar hidden away inside my 17lt. I went ahead and opted for the trip to the big box for packing tape instead of risking it. We'll see how it turns out tomorrow.


RE: 3M blue painters' tape vs. epoxy

I suggest to use Tesakrepp® 4334 Precision-Krepp.

This new yellow painter tape is very thin, can easily be torn by hand without any problems, has very sharp borders, and epoxy does not run under it. I found it ideal for making sharp edges. It has a good visibility under epoxy soaked glass as well making cutting the "green" epoxy along the tape a breeze. It can be removed until 5 months (?!) after appliance without any problems and withoutleaving any tracks.

You can get it in widths from 3/4" till 2 " on 50 meters rolls.


RE: 3M blue painters' tape vs. epoxy

I would cover all of my joints with Plastic wrap from the grocery store.  Works great and can use it multiple times.



RE: 3M blue painters' tape vs. epoxy

Burning man and Lance,

Thanks fore the additional information and suggestions!


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