Flush mount hatch preparation

I've just cut out the hatch for a wood duck 12.  I used a bonsai saw and it worked well.  Should the edges to the hatch and deck be smooted/rounded before proceeding, or will that take away from the appearance of a continuous deck.  thanks, Phil

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RE: Flush mount hatch preparation

I gave my hatches and openings a touch of radius to take away the sharpness.   It's a good finished look.

RE: Flush mount hatch preparation


You need to do at least a little smoothing. If the edges are hard corners, then bumping them could cause splintering. They could also damage your deck finish, as well as your knuckles.


RE: Flush mount hatch preparation

As an add-on to this thread....I recently replaced the weather stripping on my MC16.5 flush hatches.  I bought the wrong thickness (depth) but installed it anyway.  When secured, the hatches now sit just a touch above the deck and it's a good look in my opinion.  Something to consider.....

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