Is it wrong?

is it wrong to copy a decorating idea seen on the Forum?

I know that it is cool to share hints and technigues for sucessful builds.

My problem is I love the material Jack Jacoby used on his Kaholo.

Everything I look at as an option comes in second in my eye.

I can get the material in my local shop, but dont want to cross any Boat Builders Code of Ethics!!

Jack if you are out there, what do you think??


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RE: Is it wrong?

Nothing "wrong" with copying an idea. I'm with you, Jack has the best looking Kaholo I've seen. His other boats aren't too shabby either! I would be surprised if he minded that you used the same material. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as they say!

George K

RE: Is it wrong?

Hi David, Feel free and thanks for the nice thoughts..... SEEYA Jack

RE: Is it wrong?

Thanks Jack! I am still doing a little work to come up with something different, but that print really nails the whole Kaholo feel!


RE: Is it wrong?

David if you actually have the Tommy Bahama fabric I used I'd suggest you wash it before you use it. It has sizing in it that needs to be washed out. SEEYA Jack

RE: Is it wrong?

Thanks Jack. I did see your note on that in an earlier posting somewhere.

Will do. Hope to get it washed today and layed out on the Kaholo tomorrow.

Thanks again forr the inspiration and the Thumbs up on following your lead.

I am very excited to get this thing done and on the water.

I will let you know how it goes




RE: Is it wrong?

I was going to say, its really only a mortal sin if you are selling it as a product for other folks. I totally understand that isnt the case. Hats off to Jack for the nod of generosity.



RE: Is it wrong?

No this one, as with the two Wood Ducks , Sassafras 16, and the Peeler Skiff (as soon as I can get my hands on plans or Kit) are for me! Could never sell one! They are mine till I am gone, and hopefully my kids after that.




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